5 things this week (#16)


I’m very aware that the only content I’m writing at the moment are these weekly posts but I have a killer 4000 essay due on Wednesday and it’s taking up a lot of time. Don’t worry though, uni will be slowing down for a little bit over easter so I’m finally going to be able to start blogging more and I cannot wait.

I’ve been feeling a tad funk like with the whole brand of KTMY (god I sound like a knob and I’m very sorry about that) so I’m hoping to start refocusing the blog and my social media and start creating stuff I’m really proud of again. I feel like blogging and the whole influencer game is changing (Hannah Gale wrote a fab post on it which you’ve probs already read) and it’s got be thinking about what I want to be creating and how you guys want to consume it. I’d love to know what you think so please let me know in the comments what your thoughts on the whole demise of blogging are!

Anyways, on with the post you’ve come to read! 5 things this week which have made me smile

I got my hair cut…

…and spoiler alert, I bloody love it! When I was 17, I got a pixie crop and I’ve slowly been growing it out since I was about 18. I’d forgotten just how annoying having long hair was and I really didn’t like it so I got a good few inches cut off to get what pinterest calls ‘a lob’. I love it; so far it’s been pretty easy to style and it took half the time to wash (and a lot less shampoo!!) so it’s a win win so far!

Celebratory Meal out with the fam

This week my mum got a promotion so on Friday we went out for a meal at one of my fave restaurants, The Bridge. It was really nice spend some quality time with my mum and dad and it was an absolutely gorgeous meal. Sadly, I forgot to photograph any of it (which is very unlike me) so you’ll just have to go off my word. If you ever find yourself on the A66 heading to The Lakes I really recommend stopping here for some food. I had tempura prawns to start, the fully loaded burger then lemon drizzle cake and it was b-e-a-utiful!

Words by the Water

I spent another day at Theatre by the Lake on Saturday at their literary festival, Words by the Water. As I said last week, I love the whole atmosphere of the events and always come away feeling fresh and inspired. We saw a talk on writing crime fiction using fact and then we saw the comedian Shappi Khorsandi who was absolutely hilarious. It was such a funny show and I got to meet her afterwards where she signed her book; she was so lovely!

The Time Keeper

I read The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom on the train this week and wow! what a book. It was a relatively short book but I spent a lot of time after finishing thinking about it. I love Mitch Albom’s writing style, it’s so easy to read and I’m always drawn to the characters. The Time Keeper is about father time and two people; one who is wanting time to go faster and one who is wanting it to stop. It was a really thought provoking book and I cannot recommend it enough!

Falling back in love with blogs & blogging

I’ve already mentioned how I can’t wait to start properly blogging again next week but I’ve also fallen back in love with reading blogs too. I go in and out of reading blogs but I’ve found myself been drawn to bloglovin and twitter and reading blog post after blog post. It’s been a pleasure to find some new blogs too including Rush & Teal and simple & season

What blogs have you been reading recently?