5 Things This Week (#15)

Hola everyone’s and happy mother’s day to all you mum’s out there (especially to my mama who is the absolute best!)! I’ve spent the day with my mum; we went on a dog walk at Lowther Castle and had the most amazing Sunday dinner at a nearby pub. Honestly, it was the best Sunday dinner I’ve had in a long time (and I’ve been having quite a few recently!).

Anyways, on with 5 things which made me happy this week.

Free meal at Nando’s

I mean how can I do a happy list without including having a free meal at Nando’s on Tuesday! As soon as I got back to Manchester, I found my little Jane and we headed to Nando’s to have a catch up and try the halloumi fries (side note, they’re amazing!). We both went to pay to find we both had free meals on our loyalty cards which was a complete surprise and left me a little bit speechless because I was so happy. Let’s be honest now, you really can’t beat a free meal, can you!

Food Dates with Friends

On Wednesday night I went to the theatre with my friends Lauren and Eff because it was Lauren’s last night in Manchester before she went home to Zimbabwe for a month. Seeing as we’re not going to see her for 4 weeks, we naturally had to go get food beforehand! We went to the restaurant at HOME and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. We shared some cauliflower wings (tempura fried cauliflower with mayo and a spicy sauce) and calamari and then I had a butternut squash and spinach lasagne which was to die for. Eff had a buddha bowl which was super instagrammable and looked uber healthy (and yummy!) and Lauren had a mushroom stroganoff which smelt devine! We finished the meal off with a vegan chocolate brownie for Eff, a creme brûlée for me and some ice cream for Lauren.

I honestly had such a lovely evening (more about the play in the next happy thing) and I always feel super inspired after spending time with these two. We’ve been bouncing some ideas about too which hopefully I’ll be able to share with you later in the year.

Circle Mirror Transformation

So this was the play we went to see on Wednesday and it was such a brilliant play! It’s set in an adult drama class in Vermont and follows their six week programme. You get to hear each of the characters back stories and see how their lives intertwine with each other. It was a beautifully understated and simple play which had us all laughing throughout. However there was a really poignant ending which, in essence, asked how many lives to we lead in a lifetime. Since seeing the play 4 days ago I’ve had this thought going round and round in my head. I think it’s such an interesting concept; how our lives change so dramatically during our lifetime that it seems like we have multiple lives. I’d love to hear what you think  in the comments below!

Words by the Water

It’s been a week full of theatre! This weekend saw the start of the literary festival Words by the Water and me and my mum have been to a few talks already. We heard the man who plays David Archer in The Archers speak on being a radio actor which was really interesting, especially as I’ve listened to The Archer’s since I was born! We then went to hear a talk on Client Earth and how we can make a positive impact in climate change. This was such an interesting talk (I’ll be doing a post on it when I’ve got some coursework out of the way!) and if you’re interested in the environment and climate change I really urge you to have a look into who Client Earth are and what they do because they’re at the forefront of change. The final talk we went to see yesterday was about seizing the day and how we can achieve carpe diem. I’m going to some more talks this week so once it’s all over I’ll do a bumper post with all of the amazing things I’ve listened to!

First signs of spring

Last week was all about the snow but this week is all about the little elements of spring. Today I’ve been sat outside with a cup of tea with the sun on my face and blue skies above. There’s been a few days this week where I’ve been able to wear just a jumper and I even had a cropped tshirt on at one point! I saw the cutest lambs today as we drove to Lowther Castle and they were jumping through the fields in the sun. It was defiantly in that moment that I saw that spring is just around the corner!


What have your highlights been this week?