5 things this week (#14)

A while ago I used to do a post about 5 things about the week – however big or small – which made me happy. It’s kind of like my gratitude journal I guess, and I loved writing it. Like everything recently, I got out of habit with writing the post, however I’m trying to get back on my blogging game properly and top of that list is bringing back this post. So, here are 5 things which made me happy this week.

Nina at Theatre by the Lake

Last night I headed to one of my favourite theatres, Theatre by the Lake to see Nina, one of the touring plays which is being performed this winter.

Going into the show, I did not know what to expect, and was genuinely blown away with the performance. It was such a powerful play which at some points left you completely speechless. I’m not going to do a full review now because that’s coming tomorrow (7.30am so stay tuned for that!) but I’ll give you a flavour of the evening instead.

Going to the theatre is one of my favourite things; I go with my mum a lot and it’s so lovely. I get to spend time with my mummy, which is always good, and we always have such interesting conversations.

We also had a gorgeous meal beforehand at one of my favourite Keswick restaurants, Casa Bella, where I had one of the best lasagnes! It’s such a cosy restaurant; the staff are so friendly and the food is gorgeous!

Getting Organised

I’m currently in the process of moving back home (more on that in a few weeks) and I’ve spent this afternoon completely organising my room and unpacking a lot of my stuff. I’d turned my room into a bit of a dumping ground, because I wasn’t there all the time nothing had a proper place. A disorganised room stresses me out; I really believe in the phrase ‘a tidy desk, a tidy mind’. When my room’s a mess, I can’t think as clearly so I am very happy to have an organised room again (plus, I actually really enjoy tidying so that’s a bonus!)

Snowy Dog Walks

I know you’re all probably sick of hearing about the snow and the beast from the east however I cannot do this weeks favourites without mentioning the snowy dog walk I went on today. I love playing in the snow, it’s just so much fun. Plus getting to see Arthur running about in the snow, chasing after snowballs, is always hilarious to watch!

Eleanor Oliphiant is Completely Fine

I’ve finished reading Eleanor Oliphiant this week and it is such a beautiful and heart warming book. You really connect with the characters in it and I love how there’s a real unknown throughout the book which leaves you wanting to know more. It’s definitely a can’t put down kind of book. I’m often a bit dubious about books which have a lot of hype surrounding them, they can sometimes be a let down, however this definitely lived up to all of the amazing things I’ve heard. I really recommend picking this book up (plus it’s only £4.00 in ASDA!!)

Three course lunches with Jane

Me and my friend Jane try our best to meet up once a week. We both like food (a lot) so often we end up having lengthy catchups over very big lunches as we slowly make our way around all of Manchester’s eating establishments. This week, we tried out Cote’s three course lunch deal which was absolutely beautiful. We braved the snow, so it was quite quiet, and it was so worth it. We shared Mussles, Lobster tail and Calamari for starters, then I had the chicken breast & Jane had seabass for mains. For dessert, I opted for apple crumble and Jane had a chocolate pot. We were absolutely stuffed afterwards but it was super yummy and I’ll definitely be heading there again soon!

What have your highlights been this week?