5 things this week (#13)

This week has gone so insanely fast and I have no clue what day it is at the moment. I got back from Lanzarote on Thursday and it’s safe to say that the holiday blues are all too real at the moment. I would absolutely LOVE to be back there right now and I really didn’t want to come back. But, alas, I can’t be on holiday forever so I’m back in Manchester and trying to get back to reality.

1. Walking through a lava tunnel & seeing a house made in a lava flow

Probably the coolest thing to happen this week was going on a tour of the north of Lanzarote and getting to see some pretty cool stuff including getting to walk through the most beautiful lava tunnel which had an amazing pool with albino crabs! Some of the architecture we saw on the tour was phenomenal and I’ll be doing a whole blog post either later in the week or the week after about it because it was breathtaking!

2. How to stop time

Being on holiday meant I got to read quite a few books and one which I absolutely loved was how to stop time by Matt Haig which was such a heartwarming story about a man who was 400 years old and ages at an incredibly slow rate. It was really interesting because the book kept moving from present day to the past and it was just the most lovely book.

3. Imagine Dragons

I used to be a huge fan of Imagine Dragons but I hadn’t listened to them in forever. Whilst I was on holiday, I started listening to their first album and had forgotten just how good their music was. It’s perfect chilled out background music, especially when you’re travelling!

4. Blog at the Beach

On Saturday I had the most brilliant opportunity to go to icelolly.com blogger every, Blog at the Beach. It was such a fantastic event where I got to meet some absolutely lovely bloggers (including the lovely Charlotte who I’ve been speaking to for years!) and get to meet the brilliant icelolly team who are so passionate about their brand and working with bloggers. There were some fab talks as well which have really motivated me blogging wise! I can’t wait to start implementing some of the stuff I’ve learnt.

5. Lovesick

Netflix released at the beginning of the year a new series of the amazing Lovesick and I’ve binge watched the latest season this week and managed to get my housemate hooked on it too. It’s such a heartwarming, funny and realistic rom com series which has me in absolute stitches every time I watch it!

Let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving this week!