5 things this week (#12)

Hola from Lanzarote friends!

As I’m writing this, I’m watching the sea waves roll onto the sand, the sun is burning through the admittedly grey clouds and I feel pretty content right now. I didn’t want the first Sunday of the new year to pass without doing a 5 things this week so here you go!

(P.s if there are spelling errors or formatting issues, it’s because I’m writing this on my phone so I’ll have a look and correct stuff when I’m back!)


1. Singing The Greatest Showman soundtrack at the top of my voice

I went on a little road trip to Gretna by myself earlier in the week because I needed to change some trainers I got as a Christmas present. Seeing as I was in the car by myself, and there wasn’t much on the radio, I put on the soundtrack for The Greatest Showman (FYI such a great soundtrack and I need to go and see it). There’s nothing better than singin showtimes at the top of your voice and it was great!

2. Watching Girlfriends

There was a new Kay Melore series on ITV on Wednesday night which was so funny. It has such a great cast (including Neville Longbottom) and incredibly well written which had me laughing my head off at points. I really recommend giving it a watch on ITV player!

3. Living Danishly

Somewhere I’ve always wanted to go is Denmark. I love their architecture and hygge and really want to experience their culture. Since being on holiday, I read A year of living danishly (I’ll link it when I’m back from holiday) and it was such an interesting read. Over the year, an English journalist shares her experience of living in remote Denmark after her husband got a job at Lego. It was so interesting to get a new perspective about what it’s liketo live in Denmark and if you’re interested in danish culture at all, give it a read!

4. Amazing sunsets

whilst being in Lanzarote, I’ve seen the most amazing sunsets. When we got off the plane, the sky was the most amazing turquoise colour and the past two nights it’s been vivid purples. I just love looking at the colours;they always look so pretty.

5. Harry Potter Convention

Whilst having my dinner the other night, I saw a post on facebook about a Harry Potter convention coming to Manchester so naturally I clicked on it and somehow managed to get tickets for me and Mum (she too is quite the fan). I’m so excited to go because there’s going to be cast there and Q&A’s and I’m so bloody excited!!!


So that’s it for this week! Let me know in the comments below how your week’s been ❤️