If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m constantly working on my mental health. I read somewhere that writing down good things which happen is a really good way to help with anxiety. Whether it will actually help, I don’t know, but I like the idea. The brilliant and beautiful Sophie from sophiecliff.com does a weekly post on her favourite things that week and I thought I would do a similar kind of thing as a way to capture all the good things which happen.

1. Bank holiday fun

The week started by finishing a great weekend. Me and my housemates (Bekki,Caya & Emma) headed to Wolverhampton for Emma’s 21st birthday party. We chilled with blow up flamingos in her garden for the party, had curry, headed to Miller and Carter and chilled with her family and honestly we had the best time. Let’s be honest, being surrounded by your besties in the sun is always going to be fun!

2. Spending time with my Grandad

My grandad was staying with my mum and dad this week and he paid for me to come home early so he could see me and spend a but more time together. I love getting to spend time with my grandad so I took him out for lunch and we had a really nice day out.

3. Baking Fun

The Great British Bake Off started again this week and I’m bot going to lie, as much as I wanted to dislike it I really couldn’t. I’m not a huge fan of Pru but Noel Fielding is actually brilliant on it! To celebrate, I baked a cake ready for the show and it was really successful. I love baking and and it so calming. Because I enjoyed my afternoon baking so much, I also baked my first ever coffee cake today which has been pretty successful! (There’s going to be a blog post all about my coffee cake next week)

4. Starting my new job

I started my new job properly this week and I was really nervous. However, I’m really enjoying it – everyone is so friendly and there’s a really good working environment. I had my first properly busy shift and I was told that I did really well which is really comforting to hear, especially as it’s been a while since I’ve waitressed.  I already feel really comfortable there and don’t feel nervous about going or asking questions – I’m really excited to see how it’s going to go!

5. Super productive Sunday’s

I love having productive days and today I’ve managed to tick so much of my to do list. I’ve written blog posts, tidied my room, cleaned the kitchen, done some washing and baked a cake. I feel like I’ve really neglected the blog recently and I’ve really missed blogging so I’m excited to be getting back on it. I’m also really pleased I’ve managed to clean the house a bit as I haven’t had the chance the week as I’ve been busy. It’s been such an autumn day and I love the cosy vibes I’ve had!