5 Podcasts I Am Loving

Until this past month, I never really got podcasts. I heard everyone going on about them and even starting their own but I couldn’t get into into them. It’s safe to say that my opinion has changed. Whilst I was packing to move house, I put on Lily Pebbles & The Anna Edit’s new podcast, At Home With, and I became hooked.

I love how natural and relaxed they are. It’s like having a really interesting radio show on topics you’re interested in. I find it so relaxing and a really nice change from listening to the same songs over and over again. I actually find myself being more productive when I’m listening to podcasts, especially when it’s blogging and #GirlBoss podcasts!

As podcasts have taken off so much recently, it’s hard to know where to even start. I thought I’d share 5 of my favourite podcasts which have sparked my love for them.

At Home With

As I mentioned before, At Home With by Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit sparked my interest into podcasts. The premise of their show is sitting down with different influencers and inspiring people in their homes and discussing their lives and their home and how they’ve gone about doing their interiors. It’s such an interesting podcast and what’s really lovely is that the guests on the show seem more relaxed because they’re in their own home. Four of my favourite episodes were Zoella, Giovanna Fletcher, Jo Elvin and Kate Johnson – all four are such inspiring women and the content of the show is so relaxed and definitely has different vibes from a normal interview.

Hey, It’s Ok…

This is a podcast by Glamour editor, Jo Elvin, and I found it because of her interview on At Home With. This is such an honest and funny podcast, covering lots of different topics with celebrities; it’s basically Glamour Magazine in a podcast and it’s brilliant. It’s such a great, light hearted show which I’ve found myself actually laughing at loud at. A favourite episode is the one with Graham Norton and Maria McErlane which discussed hoarding, restaurants and Eurovision which was 28 minutes of pure bliss.

Ctrl, Alt, Delete

I don’t think it’s possible to write a blog post on podcasts without mentioning Ctrl, Alt, Delete. As soon as I started listening to this, I was hooked. The podcast interviews different online influencers and people who have been and are successful online discussion their success and different aspects of online life. It’s such an interesting podcast which has honestly made me feel so creative and has inspired me so much.

Banging Book Club

This is such an interesting, thought provoking and funny podcast. It’s by Hannah Witton, Lucy Moon and Leena who each month take on a different book which is about or features feminism, gender and sex and I find it so interesting. I really enjoy hearing about peoples thoughts on books (and films and tv shows) and it’s so interesting to listening to them dissect the novels. I don’t read along with the podcast however it has inspired me to read so many different books which I cannot wait to read.

Make It Happen

As a blogger, I absolutely LOVE this podcast. It discusses different areas of blogging and running an online creative business and gives really good, useful advice. I find it so engaging to listen to podcasts which give you useful advice and this is definitely on top of my list for becoming a total girlboss. One episode I found really interesting was Making Money With Your Blog Without Relying on Traffic with Mariah Coz. I found this such an interesting show and I actually found it useful and it gives me so many ideas from it.

Please leave your podcast recommendations in the comments below because I’m always looking for new ones to listen too.