5 Places to visit in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

David Bowie Graffiti Art Manchester Northern Quarter

Manchester’s Northern Quarter is probably my favourite part of Manchester. There are just so many quirky shops, bars, cafes and restaurants and I always feel so inspired when I go there. The area just oozes cool from the artwork you find on the streets to the people who are there. It’s just got good vibes!

Trying to pick my top 5 places was hard because I just love the whole area! I’ve picked a mix bunch of places which are my faves and have good memories attached to them too. Whenever I go to NQ, I always have a good time. Whether that’s going for food, to drink to shop or to work; I genuinely think it’s not possible to have a good time there!

My Top 5 Places in the Northern Quarter:

Afflecks Palace

Is it even possible to do a post on the NQ without mentioning Afflecks Palace? This is honestly one of the coolest places. There’s such a mix of shops and people there are it just screams individuality and creativity. I remember the first time going here and just been blown away by how different it was. There’s an eclectic mix of shops, artists, cafes and tattoo places and there is definitely something for everyone here!

Dusk Til Pawn

If you’re looking for a unique little bar to go to, then this is the place to go! From the outside, it looks like an old pawn shop but you go in and it is a really cool bar which does some gorgeous cocktails and really nice wine. It’s not the biggest bar but it’s got real character and good vibes.


This is one of my go to work places when I want to get blogging or uni work done. Ziferblat is a really original place; instead of paying for your drinks and food, you pay 8p per minute and can have as much tea and cake and food as you like. I just love how you really feel at home there but I always feel quite productive there too! It’s also a really good way to try out different flavoured teas because they have so many different types.


Looking for a quirky gift? Head to Oklahoma because there is the most random, but awesome, mix of things in this shop. From flamingo statues to art prints there is something for everyone in there. I love going and having mooch about and just seeing all of the different things and getting ideas for peoples presents!


This is one of my go to lunch places as well as when you’re looking for somewhere to go for a drink. They have a fantastic little lunch menu with some gorgeous slider burgers (I mean, who doesn’t love eating mini burgers) to pizzas there is a really good mix of food. They also have really good drinks there and the interiors are to die for! It’s completely copper and is just fab and I love it!

Let me tell you, it was hard to choose just 5 places in the Northern Quarter because I love so many other places too. Let me know in the comments where you love to go in the NQ because I’m always on the look out for new places to visit!

  • Ciara

    I love the Northern Quarter so much, I always head to V Rev the famous vegan diner there and obviously I love a good gander in Cow and Afflecks. I need to check out Ziferblat though, that sounds like an amazing idea for people who have work to do and blogs to run. I love Manchester so much and will hopefully be spending a lot more time there so thank you for the recommendations!


    • katieemay1

      I’ve never been to V Rev, will definitely have to go and check it out sometime! – Katie May xo

  • Oooooh so many awesome recommendations! I’ve lived in Manchester a while and need to try some of these!

    • katieemay1

      Let me know if you visit any of these places! – Katie May xo

  • Oklahoma! I totally forgot about that gem, i need to go rekindle my love for it!
    Thanks for the post

    • katieemay1

      It’s such a good place isn’t it! Glad you like it 🙂 – Katie May xo

  • Yasmin

    The Northern Quarter is also one of my favourite places to visit in Manchester, it’s just so different to every other city in the UK, even Camden can’t compare. I totally agree with your top five and I’ll have to check out Ziferblat as I’ve heard lots about it but I’ve never ventured over.
    Thanks for the recommendations.

    Yasmin | http://www.yasminlaronde.co.uk


    • katieemay1

      It’s such a unique place isn’t it! I’m glad you like my top 5 🙂 – Katie May xo

  • I’m going to have to save this post! I’ve only been to Manchester for work, but it’s definitely on my list to go back in a personal capacity and see the city properly!

    • katieemay1

      Ah, I’m glad you like the post!! You definitely need to have an explore when you have the chance – Katie May xo