One of the great things about blogging is that it gives everyone a voice. It gives a platform for people to share there experiences and offer advice and support to people going through similar things. When I first got diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, and when I got told I needed a bag, one of the first places I went to was blogs.

A lot of health leaflets aren’t aged at late teens and early 20’s. They’re either aimed at children or the elderly. In many of the leaflets I was given, the images showed old people and I felt I couldn’t relate properly with them. I wanted to see people who looked like me living there life. I also found that whilst leaflets give really useful advice, it can be a bit scary to see how much it will effect your life.

That’s why I turned to health blogs. Yes, they’re not always the most medically accurate but when they’re written by people who actually suffer and live with your condition, they can be extremely helpful. For me, I loved reading about how people still were living a life. I loved hearing how people dealt with certain symptoms or just knowing that I wasn’t the only one struggling. When I had my surgery, it was so helpful to see that you can still have a life with a stoma. I got outfit advice from blogs and just felt a little less alone.

Here are some ostomy & IBD blogs which I always turn to for advice and support

    I’ve been a massive fan of Sam’s for years. She gives such an accurate depiction of life with IBD and an ostomy. What I love is how involved she is and her no nonsense approach. She calls people out and she’s fighting for change and I love it. Her honesty is inspiring and her blog has helped me a lot.
    Thaila Skye’s youtube series ostomonday is one of my favourites! It gives practical advice as well as anecdotes and makes you feel a bit more sane about your illness. I really enjoy watching her videos and always go to when I need some advice on something.
    When I first had my surgery, this was my go to blog. Hattie, who wrote it, was a similar age to me and had had her surgery a month before mine. It was refreshing to see someone my own age who was going through the same experiences and it really helped me through the first few months.
    One thing I love about Vegan Ostomy’s blog and youtube channel is the reviews. There are reviews on so many different products which I find really useful. There’s also tips and tricks for basically everything to do with having a stoma! I’m really enjoying reading his travel stuff too, it really showcases how life doesn’t end with a stoma.
    I love love love Jen’s blog. I wish I’d had this when I was properly suffering from IBD because she gives practical advice, great nutritional information and not only is it a great read, it’s super informative.

There’s a chance that you might not know anyone else with your condition. For me, the only person at the time I knew was my grandad. I found it really helpful sometimes talking to him about it but there’s such an age gap that we experience, and want to experience, different things in life. Whilst family and friends are super supportive, they don’t always get it. Something which doesn’t seem like a big deal to them is to you and vice versa. I always find it reassuring to read about people going through similar experiences and knowing it’s not just you. You’re not the only one going through the mood swings, anxiety and hunger from prednisolone, you’re not the only one whose struggling to feel confident with your stoma bag all the time and you’re not the only one who gets frustrated by fatigue.

I hope this has been useful for you!
Let me know in the comments your favourite IBD/ostomy/health bloggers
This post is my entry for #TheBlogRace so thanks to Vix & Laila!

Katie May ❤️
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