2017 Goals

I think goals are a good thing. Too many people seem to disregard new year resolutions and are quick to bring them down, and the people who make them. I’ve seen so many posts, especially on Facebook, bringing down the whole New Year, New Me cliche and whilst I don’t think there’s any need to completely reinvent yourself, I think it’s great to see the new year as a fresh slate and really ask yourself what do I want to achieve this year? and Was I happy last year?. I’m really excited about my 2017 goals, I’ve decided this year to give myself little actions to do to achieve my goals to make them more attainable.
So here are my 2017 goals…

Get Healthier

Yeah, I know, the most cliche new years resolution you can get but I want to get fitter so I’m putting it on. I’m having my surgery in the summer and I’m determined to be at my healthiest when it comes round. I’ve set myself the goal of going to the gym at least twice a week and doing yoga once a week. I’m also going to start eating better too, trying new recipes (I’ve got lots of new cook books which I can’t wait to use!) and cutting down on my sugar intake. I’m  going to work on my mental health too, because it’s just as important, and try and do meditation daily and work more on mindfulness.

Save Money

I spend waaaaay too much money and half the time I’m wondering what I’ve actually spent it on. I’ve decided that for the whole of January, I’m not going to go shopping (except for food because a girls gotta eat!) to try and get me into the habit of not needing to buy everything I see on instagram! I’m also going to try and save £10.00 a week, I know it’s not a lot but it’s all I can probably save right now.

Read More

I love reading however I only really get to read on holiday now so I’m going to take some time out every day and read. I have a bad habit of watching Netflix before I go to bed so instead of spending half an hour/an hour watching TV, instead I’ll be reading a book. Not only does this mean I’ll get to read more, it will also hopefully improve my sleep

Be more involved in the blogging community

I feel really disengaged from the blogging community at the moment. It’s been months since I took part in a twitter chat and I’ve hardly read any blogs. I’m going to actively read more blogs, go on commenting sprees and take part in blogger chats. I’m also going to try and be more active instagram and make my Facebook page less link dumpy and have one other things on there too.

I’m really excited to get on to these resolutions and hopefully see an actual change!

What are your 2017 goals??