2016 Blogging Goals

After taking part in the BDIB chat on twitter on Monday night, I decided to write a whole post on my goals and aims for KTMY in the next 12 months. The whole chat was about blogging goals and a year in blogging which inspired me to set myself some targets numbers wise and also have some other aims for what I want to do this year with blogging. I decided that if I shared it with you all a) I’d be more likely to achieve it as it’s written down, b) it’s nice to share it with you all and c) I can look back this time next year and see how much the blog has grown. 
So numbers wise, here’s what I hope to achieve in the next year: 
Twitter : 2000 followers
Facebook : 100 likes
Instagram : 1000 followers
Pinterest : 100 followers
Bloglovin’ : 500 followers
Get to 75,000 page views (currently on 25,195)
I know that some of these are going to be tough, especially Pinterest, but I want to aim high so I’ve got something to work too. Some other goals I have for this year is:
Start a YouTube Channel
Go to (a few?!) blogger events
Meet up with some of the lovely bloggers I talk to all the time/have previously met 
So there’s my 2016 blogging goals. Let me know in the comments below what some of your 2016 goals are and don’t forget to take part in the 2015 reader survey!